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Day 3 of 365: Up-And-Down Plank – #Handstand365 Handstand Workouts

Hi, this is Juan from Handstand365.com. Welcome to my apartment. Today’s Day 3 of 365. Do this handstand with me!

OK. So, that was really tough for me but today for me was Day 3, and you’ll notice that I was able to stay up the whole time. I wasn’t really trying too hard to balance myself: I was using the wall for a lot of that balance, but it was really tough. But I’ve made obvious progress, so I’m really proud of myself. Hopefully you were able to do the same thing. If not, keep trying at it. I guarantee you one of these days very, very soon you’ll be able to stay up there for a whole minute.

One thing I want to point out before we even get started with today’s lesson: you may have noticed that the last three days I used very slightly different stances against the wall. Tomorrow what we’re going to talk about is those different stances, just three different stances, and also, the day after that, how to rescue yourself if you fall from one of those stances.

But today, as I promised you, we’re going to do a modified plank.

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Day 2 of 365: Plank – #Handstand365 Handstand Workouts

Hi this is Juan from HandStand365.com. Welcome to my apartment. This is day 2 of 365. Let’s do a 60 second wall handstand together.


Alright, that was tough. I timed myself for a minute. Hopefully if you all are trying, you could do a minute too. If not, look, 30 seconds is great. I was finding that minute really tough. You saw that midway through, I had to take a break. But if you got through the whole thing, I am proud of you. It’s a great job. Maybe tomorrow you can get to 65 seconds.

Today I want to actually get to an exercise that will help us to get really good on handstands. I have been doing a lot of research on what’s good, what a lot of the people who do handstands frequently suggest. There are a lot of exercises that they do. Some of them are very odd exercises, some of them are really common exercises. I have seen modified planks, I have seen handstand, leg lifts of all sorts, and I want to start off today with an oldie but goodie, the plank. Tomorrow, I am going to do a little modification of the plank so that we can get a nice little work out on it. Alright?

But for today we are just going to do our regular plank. Keep in tune for tomorrow so that we can get a nice little workout with the modification of it. You can see right now I am using my old Yoga pad. You don’t need a Yoga pad for this. You can use a carpet or a bare floor. A bare floor is not really that hard. Continue reading