Day 5/365: Three Ways to Rescue Yourself from a Fall – #Handstand365 Handstand Workouts

Hi! This Juan from Welcome to my apartment. Today is day 5 of 365, and as promised, we’re going to work on how to rescue ourselves when we fall from a handstand. One of the reasons that people quit when they are working on a handstands is that they fall and they don’t like the way they fell and so they stop. Or even they are just afraid of falling for the first time, not realizing that falls from a handstand are usually not so bad. But the best thing to do is to protect yourself from the fall anyway. Sometimes you can prevent the fall and sometimes it’s not even worth correcting the fall and kind of just rolling out of it.

So we’re going to show how to do all those three things in just really simple steps. The tough part about showing how we are going to do this is, since I don’t know how to do a handstand, the only way show you what I am going to do is by putting myself in a position as if I were in a hand stand. So I am going to put myself in the position and then go.

The first way to rescue yourselves, the basically what you just do is you step forward with one hand and then just fall to the side. That’s it.

  1. If I am in the handstand, My hands are down, my head is above my hands. And, I feel like I am about to fall backwards.
  2. I could step one hand forward and …
  3. Then fall to the side.

So let’s step forward and fall to the side. That’s it.

The second way of rescuing yourself, very similar to that, without actually stepping forward is just lifting you hand up, lifting one hand up and pushing off the other one. Of course this can be done either righty or lefty. The first one I just did I stepped forward of my left and fell to the left. The other way you can step forward with your right land on the right. This one you can lift your left arm and fall on the left or you can lift your right arm and fall on the right.

[Fall #2: 00:02:07 – 00:02:28]

  1. So, we’re in a handstand. We’re in a normal handstand; we’re actually trying to keep our balance and we realize we are going to fall. So, what we do is,
  2. we lift our hand and push off with the other, so that …
  3. We land on the side same side as before.

Okay, push off, land on the same side the same way as before.

Now the third way. Let me get the mat out. Now the only reason I am putting this out is because I recommend that if you are going to practice rescuing yourself this way, I recommend having something soft under you for the first time. The truth is once you to get good at rolling out you don’t even need anything soft.

The third way of rescuing yourself is actually just rolling out. I know rolling out could be a little bit scary, but remember, this is something as a way to prevent or trying to avoid injury, it’s not a perfect solution. But if you’re going that way, it’s a lot better than just landing straight on your head and hurting your neck or something else.

In a roll out you, can roll out and not hurt yourself. So, what we’re going to do is, if we are falling forward, we’re going to bend our legs and get into a tight ball, and let our hands bring us down slowly. And then we going to let ourselves to roll forward. We are not going to be looking for the floor. We are going to roll onto to the floor, and let the momentum that comes from the little bit of energy from the fall roll us to our feet. We’re not going to roll to standing. We are going to roll to crouching on the ground. When you get really good at it you don’t even have to bother staying on the ground and just stand straight if you want. But right now, it’s important for us to not aim to stand up. It’s important for us to not aim to slam our feet on the ground. We are not looking for a floor. We are going to roll out.

So, again this could be a little bit scary. I am putting the mat out not because I need it. I’ve been doing rolls, not for handstands, but for ju jitsu, for years, so I won’t be needing it. But for you, so that if you’re afraid of the fall, put one out for yourself, okay?

  1. Okay, so you’re there. You’re in your handstand, right? And you’re about to fall backwards. So it’s like, “What do I do? What do I do?”
  2. You want to let yourself go and let yourself down gently, and …
  3. Then you roll forward.

That wasn’t so bad. You might have heard a little bit of a bang but the truth is it wasn’t bad.

So that’s the three ways to rescue yourself.

You can practice those if you want or just know that those are a part of your tool sets. Be very careful with that. You know I taught you that not because I want you to do it, not because I want you to roll out or do any of the rescue methods that I do every single time. You know the point is, if you’re falling and you don’t have the way of rescuing yourself you are just going to fall. If you know now, that you can roll out, well then that’s another tool you can choose to use if it comes to that point.

Okay, so what I’m going to do now? I want to practice my wall handstand, and I hope you practice it with me. And again I was really disappointed with myself and my arms got a little bit tired just from that. I know it wasn’t much exercise. As we get better we will be able to do more. But I want to do 70 seconds on the wall. Let’s see if I can do it, okay? So if you want to do it, please go ahead with me. If not and you want to stop the video and you want to maybe do it on your own or you want to do something else great. Go ahead and do something else. Do what you have to do. If you like this video, you know what to do, like, subscribe, comment. Hopefully you’ll do this with me. If not, I will see you tomorrow.

And I’m going to be doing this closer to the wall, so I am going to put my hands pretty close to the wall and leaving my fingertips maybe three inches from the wall.

[Jump up to handstand]

And…Like I said yesterday, I know a lot of yoga people like to look straight down when they are doing inversions or they are doing handstands. I like looking at the horizon. In the end, I like the position that my back is in a lot better. What I’ve seen like on the internet, where I’ve seen a lot of people do in the end is, when they look at the horizon they have a lot better balance and a lot more mobility.

Okay, 32 seconds. Ouf, my arms are tired…

18 seconds my arms are about to collapse. If you’ve got to stop, stop. Don’t do what I’m doing.

[Handstand ends]

Four second left. That time, I will tell you, yesterday I felt I little bit like I gave up and I was a little bit mad at myself. That time I had 4 seconds left. The reason I stopped I actually felt my arms — you may have noticed my arms bending — I actually felt my arm give out. I really couldn’t finish that 4 seconds unfortunately.

So, next time I do a wall handstand I am going to be aiming for 70 seconds. But not to look on the down side, 66 seconds is my new personal record. So, I’m actually really happy with that.

So again, you know what to do. Like, subscribe, comments. I want to hear from you guys.

I will see you tomorrow.

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