Day 2 of 365: Plank – #Handstand365 Handstand Workouts

Hi this is Juan from Welcome to my apartment. This is day 2 of 365. Let’s do a 60 second wall handstand together.


Alright, that was tough. I timed myself for a minute. Hopefully if you all are trying, you could do a minute too. If not, look, 30 seconds is great. I was finding that minute really tough. You saw that midway through, I had to take a break. But if you got through the whole thing, I am proud of you. It’s a great job. Maybe tomorrow you can get to 65 seconds.

Today I want to actually get to an exercise that will help us to get really good on handstands. I have been doing a lot of research on what’s good, what a lot of the people who do handstands frequently suggest. There are a lot of exercises that they do. Some of them are very odd exercises, some of them are really common exercises. I have seen modified planks, I have seen handstand, leg lifts of all sorts, and I want to start off today with an oldie but goodie, the plank. Tomorrow, I am going to do a little modification of the plank so that we can get a nice little work out on it. Alright?

But for today we are just going to do our regular plank. Keep in tune for tomorrow so that we can get a nice little workout with the modification of it. You can see right now I am using my old Yoga pad. You don’t need a Yoga pad for this. You can use a carpet or a bare floor. A bare floor is not really that hard.

So this is what we are going to do. I have my timer set for a minute plus I am giving myself 5 seconds to set up. The way you want to set yourself up is you want to put your hands in front of you, forearms parallel to each other. When you get into the position, you want to have your abs very tight. Then crunch your obliques. Your obliques are the abs on your side. Get those really tight so you get a good workout. You also want to tighten your glutes to get that nice, straight feel. You see how I am now? That’s where I want to be. Now if you’re not really good at the plank and you can’t do it at all you can get on your knees and do a modified plank. That will be a good workout too. As you get better at it put your toes down and just get back up and hold it as long as you can. If you can only do 30 seconds, hold it for 30 seconds. I am down to 10 more seconds. This is tough even for me, so if it’s tough for you, two sets of 30 seconds is great.

Cool. So that is a regular workout. If you look it up you will know that that is a good workout for your core muscles, your abs. If you tighten your obliques, it is good for your obliques for the stability. It’s good for your glutes, and a little bit also for your lower back. For us, because we are actually working on our handstands, there are some other muscles that are relevant to us. It’s also giving you a good workout for your shoulders, working a little bit on that stability, making your shoulders accustomed to having a little bit of extra weight instead of buckling down on you. You’re maintaining them down flat, maintaining them forward which takes a lot of force and a lot of those stability muscles that you normally wouldn’t work are being worked there, along with your pecs.

I hope you had a good little mini work out there. Again, if you can’t do a plank for a full minute, do two sets of 30 seconds. If you can’t do planks for two sets of 30 seconds, do 3 sets of 20 seconds. Whatever you do, just try to make it add up to a minute. Whatever you do, let’s say 4 sets of 15 seconds and you feel like that’s all you can do, then that’s what you should do. Tomorrow you can lengthen that first few plank times to 16 seconds, and you can do 16, 16 16, then 12. The next day you can do 17, 17, 17 then 9 second plank. Pretty soon you will go from 4 sets of 15 to 3 sets of 20. From 3 sets of 20 you can build the first two sets up and pretty soon you will be at two sets of 30. Then after that, when you work out your plank, do 35, 25, and then 40, 20. Little by little you will get to the point where you can do a full minute plank. After that you can extend the minute plank to 1 minute 10 seconds, 1 minute 20 seconds, 1 minute 30 seconds. If you could do a 2 minute plank you’re actually in a very, very good place. I wouldn’t advise doing anything past 2 minutes. In fact, if you can do a plank for 2 minutes, I would probably recommend that you get some more exercises in your repertoire. Alright?

Tomorrow, Day 3, I am going to show you a modification of the plank that is actually a lot more difficult than what we just did. It’s something else that you can work up to again, but it’s something that is going to work out your pecs, your triceps, it’s going to work out your forearms, and a lot of the stability muscles that you’re not used to working right now, it’s going to work those out as well.

Alright, see you tomorrow.

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